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We are all certain to experience grief at one point or another... if we live long enough. Whether it's the loss of a partner, parent, child, friend or even a pet.

But grief certainly clings to you like a wet t-shirt and is an experience all of us would gladly forego.

I lost a very dear friend last week, taken long before his time and far too quickly and I was just reminded again of how stupid we are thinking we got time.  Living under the illusion that everything is always going to last forever.  “I really thought we would have more time!” More time to laugh or do things together, have fun together or just sit around the table talking nonsense for hours.  I’m not saying this because I carry guilt, but purely because you never know when it is going to be the last time you are seeing someone, talking to someone or enjoying a pleasurable moment with someone.  So, what I am trying to say is that this was a very stark reminder that you should make the most of every moment, at all times!

Grief, although absolutely horrible, also only come to you if you've had the joy and privilege of having loved someone and for that reason I will wear my grief with pride in honour of my friend and use this opportunity to appreciate that which he added to my life. Every person and encounter help us to grow, learn more about ourselves and become a better version of ourselves if we allow it to.

I know it is an opportunity to grow into a deeper understanding of life, but it is very painful.

The hurt will take time to diminish, but the memories I will always keep alive, and I will walk the path that grief has set out for me, as you need to experience it in full to be able to move beyond it. Grief helps us to heal spiritually and emotionally, to derive something beneficial from the loss even if this wasn't the journey we wanted to undertake.

At the end of the day the bonds of love never end, and I do believe we will be reunited with those we love in another place and time.

There's no real advice here, except to take your grief by the hand and walk with it every painful step of the way until the pain eventually subsides and you find yourself in a better place. Keep your memories alive and save them in your heart for the difficult days.

Rest softly my friend…until we meet again!

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