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Helping Hand

Why Family Constellation?

Family Constellation helps with a wide range of problems and situations :

  • Conflict within the family, with friends or colleagues;

  • Feeling stuck, not living in abundance or struggling to achieve your personal goals;

  • Career problems;

  • Eating disorders;

  • Health problems and/or health concerns;

  • Trauma or emotional stress;

  • Feeling that something is “missing” from your life;

  • Unhealthy drive to perform and do things to the point where it is unsafe or detrimental to your health;

  • Parents to be the best parents and role models for their children;

  • Children for all kinds of problems ranging from ADHD, illness, aggression and/or addictions;

  • Businesses to re-establish the correct hierarchy for communication, decision-making and leadership;

  • Needing clarity in making big life decisions.

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