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About Me

A guide to living your best life through physical and spiritual healing

I believe in the unlimited potential of every human being. I believe in the neuroplasticity of the brain and that we have the inherent power to heal ourselves and change our brain chemistry. I believe we can overcome any difficulty or “dark night” and come out the other side stronger.  I believe we have a choice, no matter the situation we find ourselves in – we can choose to live, to focus on the positive and to make it to the other side.  I believe family and friendship ties are important and that we all need to feel cared for and that we have others to care for.

I believe what we put in is what we get out, whether it is what we put in our mouths that manifest in our bodies or what we put in our minds that manifest in our relationship with ourselves and others.

I believe there are universal laws in life and that you need to know your place in your family, your community and the universe as a whole for you to be able to be successful in life on all levels.

I believe exercise, however minimal, will keep the body functioning – for what you do not use will wither away. Yoga is my daily companion to keep my body and mind healthy and I often find that my body will send me a warning or communicate a problem long before my mind may be aware of it. I also walk with my dogs to soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air and share with them a love and joy at just being alive. Nature is my inspiration and my constant guide.  My love for nature and time spent in nature is what keeps me grounded and balanced.  This is where I find my peace.

I believe in every person’s creativity and how art can transform your life, whether it is by creating it or appreciating it.

I believe in the powerful tools of meditation and breathing to bring about the change that is necessary and the absolute magic of laughter that can transform and resurrect whatever is in need of new life and vigor.

Formal training: BA Psychology

                              Dipl. Therapeutic Reflexology

                             Yoga Certification

Family Constellation Certification

                             Lifestyle Coaching Certification

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